About The WP Crowd

The WP Crowd

Mission Statement

The WP Crowd leverages top experts in a variety of specialties to create unique content for the WordPress Community.

How We Execute the Mission

  • Podcast – Our podcast airs weekly focusing on a topic we think would benefit the community.
    • Recorded on Fridays and airing on Tuesdays at 9am PST
    • Not always WordPress specific
    • Moderated panel or open discussion depending on topic
  • Blog – Our blog is a mix of content aimed to help the community in a number of topics/categories and can include
    • Code tutorials
    • Editorials
    • Opinion Pieces

It is all about the WP community

We are firm believes in the WordPress community. Most of The WP Crowd members are regular speakers at WordCamps and other tech conferences around the world. You may also recognize some of them from popular plugins you have seen in the WordPress plugin repository, or at your local Meetups. The WP Crowd has one focus in mind, and it all goes back to our mission, to better serve and contribute to the WordPress community. Podcast guests on The WP Crowd are usually selected because they are experts on the topic for the week, but also because they are also community advocates.

If you aren’t active in the WordPress community, we highly encourage you to go to a local Meetup or wait for a WordCamp (a weekend long conference dedicated to WordPress).