Episode 019: Intro to WordPress and JavaScript

Aired: 12/09/2015

JavaScript and WordPress

During Matt M’s State of the Word at WordCamp US this past weekend, JavaScript was the big hot button topic. Learn JavaScript was what resonated, and everyone fled to Twitter to spread the word. If you haven’t touched JavaScript yet, or did it in a very limited capacity, now is the time (if you take yourself seriously) to learn it more, and really figure out how to use it to create API consuming products.

This week we will talk about how to take those first steps, what are the right paths, and which paths might be harder than others.

We will be answering

  • How did we get started in JavaScript
  • What libraries/frameworks are best to start with (if any)
  • What sites offer the best tutorials / demos for learning JS
  • Vanilla JS vs. JS Library vs. JS Framework

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