How Gutenberg Will Affect Your Business

Gutenberg is the new WordPress edit tool, replacing what we currently know as the “edit screen” in the WordPress dashboard. It is about time, after almost 15 years of being around, WordPress has been in need of a real refresh to the edit screen to bring it up to date.

Try Gutenberg Today

If you haven’t figured out how Gutenberg will affect your business website, try it out. Using a dev or staging environment copy all of your data and activate the feature plugin from the repo. In a few minutes you’ll see what Gutenberg is like and how it will affect your website. Click around both the admin dashboard as well as the front end of your site, notice any changes?

Selling Gutenberg

Another great thing about Gutenberg for WordPress consultants is that it offers a new revenue stream from your existing clients. If you have a client base that uses WordPress heavily, specifically for news, blog, etc. Make sure they know about Gutenberg. Do your own research first, but let them know it is coming, and most likely will require some work to get it working perfectly for their use case, and their theme.

We’ve talked about this before, profiting from Gutenberg and it is going to be a sub-niche within WordPress that explodes over the next year or so.

Do Not Fear the Guteneberg

Unliked the symbolism of the reaper, Gutenberg is not the end of WordPress, but rather a new beginning. Before you start to worry about what it will do to your business website, install the plugin and play around with it. It may offer something that the current WordPress edit screen does not.

If you have tested Gutenberg and are not ready for it, you can always download the current editor screen as a plugin at

One thought on “How Gutenberg Will Affect Your Business

  1. Steven says:

    Special blocks for shortcodes – interesting. GutenFree haha! Interesting points about page builders and upgrade issues. Cheers!

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