Episode 056: How to succeed when you work remote

It is not easy when you work remote and never go into an office. I think most people fantasize about how amazing it would be to work from home, but don’t realize that it isn’t sitting in front of your TV for 8 hours, it still means work.

Non Remote Office Space

One of the best advice we can give is that having a separate office space is going to be crucial to really making yourself successful. In Chris’s case its not exactly needed, he is making it work, but it seems like even he wishes he had a door he could close off for the hours that he is “at work” while at home.

For the rest of us, we all have a dedicated office area, or are trying to find new locations to co-work from. Co-Working is another great option because it both gives you the freedom of remote, but gives you an actual place to go to get work done that is away from home life, and the distractions that come with it.

Set A Schedule for yourself

Working remote doesn’t mean that you should only be working 2 hours a day, or 20 hours a day. Set a schedule for yourself. If you know that dinner with your family is going to be around 6pm every day, make sure to take that time to not be working. For me personally my wife knows that I have to work when I am at home so I take the time to have dinner with her, as well as take Saturday evenings off entirely so we can have more time just hanging out with each other.

Setting a schedule isn’t just great for your family, but also your own mental state. Working all the time can really lead to things like burnout, which is going to only hurt your business or your productivity.

Overall it is a lot of fun working from home, or taking a hybrid approach. It may give you the motivation you need to get work done in a more relaxed setting, as well as give you the flexibility to achieve other life goals. Finding a remote only job isn’t always easy, and while “distributed employees” has been a wave in the tech scene for a while now, not every company wants to hire full time remote workers.

If you are looking to be a freelance remote (your own business) then there are other challenges with motivation that come into play, including the fact that when you do not work, that means you aren’t getting paid.

Remote Working Succeed

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