Episode 037: How does WordPress play with new technology? The Future of WordPress II

Sorry this week I did not have time to break down our WordPress topic, however below you will find the agenda and questions we tried to answer in this shorter than normal episode.

Adapting WordPress to other tech / needs

  • Concept: Changing WP or building WP to fit others
  • How can this be done? Plugins & themes or does core need to change?
  • What happens if WordPress isn’t adapted? Will the rest of the world move on?

Adapting to WordPress

  • Concept: Introduce others to WordPress as a tool they should build for / with.
  • How do we reach out?
  • To whom do we reach out?
  • How to promote WordPress as a tool developers should continue using


  • Where does it fit? Is it the compromise?
  • It helps keeping WordPress relevant
  • It helps other technologies connect to WordPress data
  • Does it do enough?
  • Is it too little too late?

TL;DR / Watch

If you just want the take aways, they are pretty simple. As a WordPress community we should be going out and talking to other tech communities and showing them how we’ve can integrated WordPress into their solutions. Chris Flannagan did a great job with a NativeScript tutorial series that eventually got him put into the docs of NativeScript.

The WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is going to keep WordPress more relevant and help us adapt. If you want to do something that isn’t WordPress, but still manage it with the wonderful WordPress dashboard, the REST API is how to do it.

Take away Question

Should we be going out to other tech communities Meetups / Conferences and show them what WordPress can do with their framework / tech.
Will it help with the growth of WordPress and maybe bring people back who maybe have left the community?

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