WordPress Typo Donation

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WordPress, it powers nearly 25% of the Internet, yet consultants everywhere around the globe cannot spell it correctly. So much so that there is a function for it, built INTO WordPress!

https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/capital_P_dangit – no we were not joking.

Typos for Donations

The WPCrowd wants to find these errors across the Internet and turn this horrible travesty into something good. A Donation!

Submit a screenshot and URL where you found the error and we will donate $1 for every verified screenshot.

Where Donation Goes

A while back we did a GIVE success stories podcast. We loved what we heard, saw, and wanted to tie that in.

For every submission we will donate $1 to the GIVE Success Story of your choice, OR  CodeNow (http://codenow.org), “a nonprofit focused on teaching underrepresented youth to code.”
So we can help teach younger generations not just how to code, but how to spell tech names properly.

Submit a Typo

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#DevTypo mention

We typo’d “dev” to “div” in a tweet related to our podcast, so we are donating $1 for it.. even though it was NOT a WordPress typo.

Hall of Fame

The best of the worst.


* we will be limiting max donation to $500