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Roy Sivan

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Published: January 11, 2018

In the near future WordPress version 5 is going to come out, and with it the promise of Gutenberg, the new editor which takes what we know as “WordPress” today, and throws it out the window. It is not a bad thing, and the shift forward could mean so many positive things for WordPress as a platform moving forward. There are many people who talk about it and its downfalls, but lets keep positive. One thing that is SUPER POSITIVE about Gutenberg, is how much you are going to make in the next few years because of it.

A new way to edit content

WordPress Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a new editor, that is going to fundamentally change how we think about content creation within WordPress. Gone are the days of free style text editor and shortcodes, and in is the new wave of blocks. Now to a content creator a block may be confusing, but to a developer, this new system is going to redefine how websites are coded in a good way.

Once content creators catch on, I think Gutenberg will be a great addition to WordPress and for any company’s content creation team. It allows flexibility and close to page builder type control per post, very flexible, and allowing for a lot of customization per post. This kind of thing was a nightmare for developers in the past, often resorting to things like ACF’s Flex Content (not a horrible solution) or just page builders. With Gutenberg this will become not just easy for editors, but creation of these blocks isn’t too difficult (we will cover that in another post & training)

Gutenberg & WordPress Consulting

This is where things get really exciting. Assuming you have a client that has some custom features created for them that maybe power off of meta boxes or other custom functionality per post or page, it is now time to show them the beauty of Gutenberg. Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with how Gutenberg works and the many benefits of using Gutenberg on a site vs. the current editor.

Once you fall in love with Gutenberg, turn to every client that you have done custom work for (and a good relationship with), and offer a free demo, emphasizing how great it will be on their website. Let them know it will be better for the content team who want to build more customized content per post, and great for future development as having more blocked chunks of data makes templating a lot more modular, and a lot more extendable for future use cases (phone apps anyone?)

For every piece of custom functionality that they have currently with a meta box, convert it into a easy to use Gutenberg Block for them, and start doing this now. Get in on the ground floor of Gutenberg before WordPress version 5 rolls out, and businesses will be thanking you for not leaving them behind and having them ready for the big update.

Yes, Gutenberg at this current moment is still in development, and things may change, but not drastically. Keep an eye out on the plugin and if you can, join some of the core conversations going on via WordPress Slack.

Block Creation

Another way to help your consulting business grow, is find a niche and instead of creating a whole plugin, find a way to create an amazing Gutenberg block. Gutenberg blocks are going to be the new foundation for content creation in WordPress, so it is important that when WordPress rolls out with Gutenberg and you implement on a client’s website, every block needed is ready and available.

In the beginning it will be the wild west, however if you see a real need for a custom block for 1 client you have, make it modular enough and try and package it with others to make a multiple block plugin. These blocks will be used by other consultants (as well as yourself) moving forward, so there is great potential there.

We talked about this briefly in our discussion on how to make money with WordPress in 2018.

Step 3, Profit

Now that you have a better understanding of Gutenberg, and how it can help your consulting business bring in some rapid cash flow over the next year or so, it is time to profit from that. The greatest thing about this, is that you are marketing yourself to past clients. If you are a WordPress consultant who doesn’t like to create on going relationships, than this won’t be as easy. However for those of you that have great relationships with past clients or even current ongoing clients, let them know about Gutenberg and sell them on how they need it for their business. If they are taking content seriously, which they should be, then the sell isn’t that hard once you realize the benefits yourself.


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