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Published: April 23, 2016

The WP Crowd

There was a new podcast!  The thumbnail being used for it is my favorite face that Josh Pollock makes.  Want to know how often he makes that face?  Maybe you should watch the podcast episode and learn about how to properly Google and maybe you’ll find it.  (Spoiler alert: most of our budget here at The WP Crowd goes to a reputation management company to remove pictures of us making weird faces from the internet, so good luck!)

We’re all pretty excited for WordCamp San Diego.  None more than Roy Sivan.  Seriously, for like 3 straight weeks, it seemed like half of The WP Crowd ended all of their communications with #WCSD.  I’m pretty sure that Roy even ordered a sandwich with #WCSD on it, by accident, once.

I wrote an article about the WordPress Devhub that’s replacing the Codex.  Tl;dr for that article is: contribute_dangit().  I also had a typo in it that someone was nice enough to contact us about so that I could fix it quickly and pretend it didn’t happen.  So, naturally, I dedicated two sentences in this article to my two-letter mistake in the other.

Chris Flannagan wrote about developing locally vs a staging server.  He is a musician though, so don’t be surprised if he just gets excited about anything with a stage.

There was a look at 3 approaches to multilingual WordPress sites, written by Jean-Francois Arseneault.  It’s a great read, until he drifts off in French about something having to do with fromage and baguettes, which, according to Google Translate means, “Press ‘Translate Now’ Button”.

Andrew Killen gave us some great thoughts on when to use Custom Post Types, and when not to.  I don’t have anything funny to say about that.  Just go read the article.


WebDev Studios’ Pluginize, which was announced as a new venture earlier this year, kicks off with a premium version of Custom Post Type UI (CPT-UI).

Soflyy is hiring again.  They’re the team behind the awesome WP All Import plugin.  They posted in the Advanced WordPress facebook group that they’re looking for a “full stack web designer”.  Someone I sent that link to asked me if that company actually still exists.  Yes, their website is pretty out of date, as is their Twitter account, but I promise they’re actually a really awesome team making great stuff.  Go here to apply.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (the LTS replacing 14.04, which is probably what you’ve been running for the past several years) was released on Thursday!  There are some amazing new features in this one that hopefully some hosts will take advantage of.  It wasn’t without at least a little controversy, though, as Richard Stallman, the author of the GPL and President of the Free Software Foundation, had an issue with ZFS, which isn’t necessarily entirely free software.  I happened to be at the Free Software Foundation offices last week, and got to talk with a couple of people, and they did mention that ZFS won’t be included in the next release of their Trisquel operating system.


WordCamp San Diego is happening this weekend!  It starts in just about an hour from when this post is being published.  Several members of The WP Crowd are speaking at #WCSD, and even more are in attendance.  Go check out the schedule!  I’m really excited to see Carl Alexander’s talk about the Modern WordPress Server Stack.  One of the essential sessions that I think is great for everyone to go to if they don’t already know the why and how of SSL is by Erick Hitter (who, like me, went to the University of Hartford – GO HAWKS!).  If at this point you don’t know what SSL is and how to use it, and you have a website, you need to get up to speed on that now.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of some of the members of The WP Crowd before WordCamp San Diego all sitting around, staring at their computers, probably talking to each other online.

WordCamp Bratislava is also happening this weekend!  The one talk that I would love to see is Borek Bernard talking about VersionPress, which is WordPress versioning through Git.  It’s not something that you couldn’t set up yourself, but this is done very easily so that anyone can do it.  Who wouldn’t want to break something and be able to pretend it never happened just by fixing it with the click of a button?  The WordCamp.org website lists the WordCamp as only April 23, but their website says April 23-24.  So, even though I’m not in Slovakia this weekend, I did already learn one thing from WordCamp Brtislava, and it’s that someone needs to keep the WordCamp website up to date to match the information about the upcoming WordCamps from their websites.  It’s an open-source project… I guess I should probably volunteer to do that.  Now I just need to open up Slack for a minute and…

….. 7 hours later …..

… So many good GIFs on Slack …

Oh yeah, I was writing an article…  Back to that…



WooCommerce releases v2.6 Beta 1, and it’s pretty awesome.  To give you a quick rundown, shipping zones are now included for free (that’s one less plugin that you need), the “My Account” page is now tabbed (UI for the win!), and the cart has been AJAXified (no more constant page reloads!)  Read the full release notes here.

Google Analytics by Yoast is now officially Google Analytics by MonsterInsights (and there’s already a Pro version available).  If you updated your plugins, you should have seen a name change in your dashboard – but that’s just the beginning.  A couple of weeks ago, Syed Balkhi laid out his plans for the plugin, and it’s good news for analytics-data-loving people!  Here it is in his own words.

Jetpack updates.  And then updates again.  And then again.  Some users immediate began reporting major issues with the 4.0 release of Jetpack, so very quickly, we’re at 4.0.2.  In their defense, there are so many possible configurations for WordPress sites now that it’s just about impossible to release such a widely used plugin without it breaking things for at least some people.



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